Other Important Issues


No lockdowns, every business is essential.


Currently understaffed by ~12 officers and struggling to hire. This community should offer employment that attracts the best and brightest. The current council has failed to adequately fund our force, a force that continues to be among the best in the state.

Crime and Safety

People have been ordering packages at home more often than before, and theft from doorsteps has gone up. I propose we allow small businesses to set up neighborhood drop-off locations for packages. We cannot expect police to stop front doorstep theft, no matter how many police there are.


It costs homeowners massive amounts of time to begin work on projects that ultimately get approved. It shouldn’t take months or years to make decisions, time which may see the cost of a 2x4 triple and cancel the project. Your community should value your time as a homeowner or contractor. For this reason, I support modernizing, and automating our permitting process as well as increasing the frequency of planning commission meetings.


I propose refunding all permitting and building fees if you sell a home within two years. By encouraging houses to be flipped in Broomfield, we will see higher home values, as well as more beautiful neighborhoods for all. This will also be a net positive in long term tax revenues as previously dilapidated homes will sell for higher values.

Election Integrity

Continuous improvement is something that should be desired by all sides. Elections are targets of ballot theft all around the world, and our system could be perfect, but we would not know that without creating and using metrics to measure our performance. Our election results should be audited regularly, just like our financials. Why would anyone be against that?

Arts, Town Center

Having burned 9.7 Million in cash from 2019-2020, we need to consider budget neutral alternatives to the current arts funding methods. One simple option would be property tax abatements for renting empty space to something supporting the arts.

Oil and Gas

If a genie gave me 3 wishes here is how I would answer

  1. No Death.
  2. No sickness.
  3. Take all the oil and gas out of Broomfield.

Fracking does not belong in this community, but all the same it exists. The best possible path forward would be to monitor air and water as we are already doing and defend our citizens. A large setback from oil wells solves no problems and violates property rights for property owners who receive no oil money. That is unfair.