Make the golden state golden again

time to step up

2024 is the year for good men (and women) to step up. There will be many city council seats, school board seats, water district and other elected positions up for election this year. As we have seen the Democrat party supported by the lapdog media and the deep state use the power of government to tilt the table.
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,”

Edmund Burke


  • I didn’t want to run.
  • My wife didn’t want me to run.
  • Several people approached me to run.
  • The chairman of the party said he had someone but didn’t produce anyone.
  • The only candidate challenging the incumbent is a young up and coming political activist that has worked in several campaigns but never held political office and won’t present a very serious threat to the incumbent.
  • So the week before the deadline, I pulled papers and then submitted them the next week. That was in December. 
  • Since then, I have been scrambling to put together a campaign.

We can save California! We can make California golden again. The state needs you and others to step up and reclaim our state.

2024 is a good year for good men and women to step up. There will be many city council, school board, water district, college boards and other elected positions up for election this year. It only takes one cycle to make it happen and it can start with you.

But I need your help! I need help on my campaign. You can help by donating and volunteering.


So, I have decided to step up! I am running for the 73rd Assembly District. This district includes Irvine, Costa Mesa and Tustin. It is currently held by Democrat Cottie Petrie-Norris. Petrie-Norris stands for everything that I disagree with. She doesn’t live in the district, she doesn’t believe the way that the district believes She doesn’t vote the way the district votes. She won this newly drawn district in 2022 for the first time. She “moved” to this district because it was a “safe” district as it has a 13% registration advantage of Democrats over Republicans.

I understand that Petry-Norris has a tiny little apartment over by Quail Hill a short drive from where her real home is, where her husband and children live in Laguna Beach overlooking the ocean, her kids attending Laguna Beach schools. It is obvious that she doesn’t even live in the district even though her legal address is in the district.

But that is what Democrats do, they do whatever it takes to gain power.