Illegal Aliens are being given free healthcare in California. Last year it was only 55 and older. Starting in January this year all illegal aliens are being given free healthcare. 

While citizens are fined and punished if they do not have healthcare coverage. 

This free healthcare expansion is projected to cost more than $835 million in the next six months and $2.6 billion every year hereafter. AND, of course it encourages more illegals crossing and coming to California.

  • Human Trafficking is a real problem. This is modern day Slavery that the Democrats are allowing to continue and prosper.
  • Fentanyl and drug trafficking has literally killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. Over 600 in Orange County last year alone.
  • This border invasion causes homelessness and a strain on social services that are at an all-time high.
  • Enemies have been crossing, unchecked. Thousands of military age men from China have crossed. 
  • Who knows how many terrorists are crossing.


Gas and Electricity prices are through the roof! Because they want you to buy an electric car that you cannot afford.

Government isn’t the solution, it is the problem. It spends more than it takes in. Government is killing the economy through regulation and overspending. We have a $75 Billion deficit this year on a roughly $200 Billion budget. 

Does anyone think we are taxed too little? We have the highest income tax of any state, our gas tax is the 2nd highest in the country. 

But those are just the obvious taxes. There are hidden taxes like the cost of gas, electricity are almost twice as much in California as in other states. Basically, everything is more expensive in CA, mostly because of government regulation.



We are doing a poor job educating our children. We are ranked 36th in the nation yet we spend the highest amount per student in the nation. We have always been stealing our kids’ innocence, and indoctrinating them. 

But now it is happening overtly.

The School Districts in my district are: 

  • Not teaching Reading, writing or arithmetic
  • Instead, are teaching Heather has 2 mommies and Drag Queen Story Hour.
  • And now the latest, helping our kids to transition to the opposite sex without parental consent or knowledge, calling it “gender affirming care”.


I will fight to have Schools educate our children and teaching critical thinking skills, not indoctrinating or sexualizing our children.

The real answer is school choice. Public, Charter, Private or home school. This is the parents’ choice not the state. The state tax money for education should follow the student. NOT the student following the money.



One of the first things I would propose as an Assemblyman would be to require that all students use the bathroom based on their God-given sex. And that all students compete with their God-given sex in athletics. No more boys pretending to be girls so that they can use the girl’s locker rooms or compete in women’s athletics. 

Likewise, the schools will not participate nor teach that gender can be changed or that it is separate from your biological sex. No more GENDER SUPPORT PLANS! And no more secrets from parents.

No more tampon machines in the boy’s bathrooms.



This is a very controversial issue. Most politicians are running from this issue or hiding behind slogans like “Women’s Reproductive Rights”. But I don’t do that, hence the STRAIGHT SCOTT and telling it like it is.

I believe, like Ronald Reagan, that there are questions about when life begins, therefore if I am going to err, I will err on the side of life. 


The law of the land for most of our lifetimes has been Roe V Wade. Roe, and subsequent court clarifications, basically allowed abortion during the first trimester, and allowed the states to regulate abortions beyond that.

With Roe gone, now states are allowed to regulate abortion as their constituents wish.


California passed Prop 1 in 2022. This proposition was sold as “restoring Roe”. But, in reality, took the extreme position of legalized abortions up until the time of birth. Petrie-Norris supported this.

what americans want

Most Americans believe that some restrictions are appropriate. As an example:

  1. No taxpayer funding of abortions.
  2. No late term abortions (a very gruesome procedure that sucks out the baby’s brain to ease the head through the birth canal and insures that he/she is born dead).
  3. No abortions based on sex selection (if the baby’s sex is not what you wanted you abort and try again) Usually these aborted babies are all girls.
  4. Allow Abortion if the mother’s life is in danger because of the pregnancy. Or a pregnancy from rape or incest.


I will stick up for the unborn baby, that has no voice of his/her own, every time. 


State tried to overtly allow for discrimination based on race through trying to reverse Prop 209 in 2020 

  1. Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5, authored by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, D-San Diego, would repeal the prop 209 affirmative action ban approved by voters in 1996. That constitutional amendment was approved by the Assembly in a 60 to 14 vote, including Petry-Norris. IE Petry-Norris wants state sponsored racism. It was on the 2020 November ballot as Prop 16 where, fortunately, it was soundly defeated 57%-43%.
  2. DEI: Is the guise that schools are using for discriminating against students into college entrance. 
  3. If you have 2 students for a single slot and one is more meritorious, but the other student is a person of color. The need for a more diverse student body is more important than allowing a more qualified student into the school. In most schools this means fewer, more qualified, White/Asian students.
  4. This allows for affirmative action, not just by state schools, but ALL colleges can now openly discriminate based on race without penalty. In fact, they are rewarded for doing it.

2023 US Supreme Court decision on the Harvard case declared it unconstitutional to use race as a basis for admission. THIS PRACTICE SHOULD STOP NOW.

I will fight for all colleges to grant admittance based on merit not your skin color


The saying goes that the 2nd amendment is to protect our 1st amendment rights. Put another way, when government wants to take away your right to free speech or freedom of religion, or a free press; do you think it is a coincidence that the first thing an enemy or the government does is take away your guns, your means of self-defense?

Your right to own a gun is for you and your personal freedom, protection. I will fight to protect your constitutional right to own firearms.


Homelessness has no easy solution. California has 10% of the nation’s population and 30% of its homeless. Why is that? Because California has great weather and great freebees. 

California also believes, in error, that you must provide a roof before you can successfully help them. This is wrong! The underlying problem of drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness must be addressed before you can help them out of homelessness.

Prop 1 on the March ballot is wrong. It is a $6.4B mistake with the wrong priorities. That will not fix the underlying problems. Non-profits, like the Rescue Mission have had the best and highest success rates, yet the state is incapable in emulating them.